What we do

Here, we do one thing — help kids gear up for life. It starts by giving them a chance to learn how to gear up to experience all the mountains have to offer. We’re not just teaching kids to snowboard, ski, hike, climb and camp. We’re instilling life long lessons and skills that just happen to be disguised as sport.

Kids get the chance to connect with mentors who guide them through a curriculum that teaches and inspires them to pursue life with more gusto. In these moments, kids learn how to gear up for their adventure, muster the courage to try something new and discover a side of themselves they might not have known. A side that can do anything, especially overcome their circumstances and come out on top.

At SOS Outreach, our goal is to help kids gear up for life, ultimately changing their lives and the communities they touch.


Mission and History


Program Impact

Core Values




SOS operates under special use authorization of the White River National Forest.