Who We Serve

SOS Outreach collaborates with over 200 youth agencies, schools and afterschool programs to target and recruit kids who will benefit most from the structure and consistency of the SOS curriculum.  The SOS target population includes youth ages 8-18 who face a variety of risk factors.

SOS served 4,569 youth during the 2013-2014 program year and saw the following demographic breakdown of participants:

  • 67% reported a household income of less than $40,000 per year, and 43% have a household income at or below $26,523 which is 50% of the 2008-2012 median United States household income
  • 68% of participants identified as ethnic minority
  • 53% of participants had no health insurance or were enrolled in Medicaid
  • 44% of participants live in non-two-adult households
  • Gender: 59% Male, 41% Female

Where does this information come from? During the registration process, parents or teachers complete a participant assessment form that identifies the social, academic, familial and economic factors that identify their child as a good fit for SOS programs.

Who does SOS collaborate with? Partner youth agencies include Boys & Girls clubs, school districts, counseling services, and other agencies that serve at-risk youth.  Partnering with youth agencies allows those agencies to take the lessons learned from SOS, the core values, and experiences into a participant’s daily life.

If you are a teacher or work with underserved youth in another capacity and are interested in getting involved with SOS, please email sos@sosoutreach.org or call 970-926-9292